I'm too fat

I hate it. And I have to fix it.

Michael Moore ("Bowling for Columbine" etc) says he doesn't worry about it any more. He just goes for his walks, eats sensibly and his weight is his weight.

I've tried that. I hate it.

I've come to realise that my sense of wellbeing is very much tied to feeling lean. And I've also come to learn that the only way I can be lean is by adopting this mindset:


I literally tell myself this every day." I don't eat." Of course I do eat, but only when hunger forces me to. ONLY then. And only enough to make that hunger subside.

At first this feels brutal. It feels like you're living half a life but this just shows how much you have been using eating as a comforter.

The trick is to FILL that empty half with something other than eating. For me it's writing.

So, today I start.



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