The difference between us and the Yanks

I remember someone saying that if an Australian saw a Rolls parked in the street he'd likely run a key down the side of it whereas an American would say "I'm going to have one of those one day."

I know the ol' USA is not in a great place right now but, that aside, what an incredible story they've been. From a bunch of mum and dads on the Mayflower to the world's most powerful nation in the relative blink of an eye*.

That hasn't come about because they run keys down the side of Rolls Royces. It's come about because they've kept asking "what if?". Australia might be the lucky country but the United States is the driven country, always willing to chance their arm.

Yes, you'll find plenty of ills Stateside but, wow, you have to admire their chutzpah. They really have been the epitome of "can do".

* I saw a stat the other day that shocked me. China's GDP was miles ahead of all the European countries at $1.4 trillion. That didn't surprise me. But what I saw when I scanned down to America's did. $2.4 trillion!! In other words, the USA leads the pack by a motsa. Economically they're still THE place.


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