Wow! Thankyou friends :)

I'm talking about those of you who have subscribed to "Don" already!

It means a lot to crazy people like me who like to have to write every day. I'll do it regardless but it definitely makes it more enjoyable if you think someone might actually be getting something from it :)

If you want to join them, put your email address in the box on the right. Posts will automatically turn up in your Inbox. Is that a good thing? One reader emailed me to say he looks forward to finding them each morning because they're so different to the other emails he gets which, let's face it, always want you to DO something. Hopefully "Don" is the opposite - ie it GIVES you something.

Besides, it has pretty pictures. I know there aren't too many yet, but trust me, they're coming! Photography is my other compulsion and my shutter finger is starting to twitch uncontrollably.

Have a great day folks. We're lucky to live in this beautiful, bountiful place called Perth, Western Australia, huh?


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