Bike lesson / life lesson

I had my first motorbike lesson yesterday.

Lots of stuff covered, but the big one?


So then I came home and played my drums and did the same thing. I looked out at the wall instead of at my hands (or the drums). Immediate difference. I was looser, better.

It's all about TRUST. Trust that we have the wherewithal already in us. Our bodies are amazing creations of incredible complexity. They're designed to operate beautifully on autopilot much of the time. When we override this and try to do things manually, we get average results at best. We are much better than we think! We just have to trust ourselves.

Kids do this naturally of course. You'll know what I mean if you've ever gone to the ski slopes with a six year old and been completely humiliated(!)

Learning to ride a motorcycle is going to be good for me. I'm going to learn trust and humility and a bunch of other things. And I'm also going to learn that "fun" is a perfectly good reason to do something.

Life isn't an emergency.


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