Ed Sheeran

I didn't like Ed Sheeran. 

I mean, really didn't like him.

Not him personally of course - I've never met him and know nothing about him - but as an artist I mean.

Then, sitting at home, working away all day with the radio on a station that played "Thinking Out Loud" incessantly, I had to finally admit it:

The man is a genius.

If you never listen to anything else by him, listen to him sing just one word.

Yes, one word.

It's the "now" at 1:19 in this video. (click a bit before that to get the lead in)

Forgive me Ed.

U da man.

Tip: turn the ridiculous picture off and just listen. I think it's vids like this that irritated me so much about him in the first place. Just sing Ed. Please.


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