One for the fridge

After my encounter with Harley Lady I went out and got my L plates and booked some lessons.

I soon realised however that Harley Lady's bike is not for beginners, so I've set my sights on one of these Suzukis. They're affordable (half the price of a Harley), approved for beginners (the system is tightly controlled now which is a good thing) yet they still look and feel like a "real" bike. Now to convince the bank manager wife...

PS…this photo came from Zombie Drive Moto. If you're interested in this sort of thing, check it out. Fabulous resource.

PPS… I went and checked out this bike at Rick Gill Motorcyles. After a bit of a chat, Rick said "Let me warn you, you will get addicted to this". Sounds good to me :)

Suzuki Boulevard 650


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