Bike lesson, life lesson

It was emergency-stop practice at today's lesson.

And I found out the hard way where the front tyre lock point is.

I also felt the horror every rider feels when their beloved mount hits the asphalt. Checking yourself out comes second!

I was pleased to see that I instinctively rolled when I hit the road rather than slide as I think this saved a bit of damage.

Fortunately no real harm to man or beast but I did learn something - apart from how easy it is to lock the front tyre :)

I learned that in life you must go by your gut and not be swayed by others.

I like my instructor because he gives me the confidence to back myself and have a go. But I realise now I allowed him to talk me into something I wasn't quite ready for. And I paid the price.

You gotta stand your ground folks. You know what's best for you. You know how fast you're able to progress. Honour that little voice that's saying "build gradually".

Besides, what's the rush? The journey's the thing.


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