Just say "yes"

Figure out "how" later.

That's always been the approach I've tried to take.

And it was put to the test again yesterday.

I had a motorbike lesson with a new instructor. My previous lessons had all been confined to carpark work but this new chap let me trundle around the streets near my house.

After a few minutes he said "do you feel up to tackling some busy traffic?"

Gulp. "Yeah, sure."

So off we went down Cambridge St and into the city where we rode around Northbridge for a while.

After about twenty minutes he asked me over the intercom: "How do you feel about going fast? Would you be happy to try the freeway?"

Gulp. "Yeah, sure."

So off we went down the freeway. And I can tell you, 110kmh on a little 250cc with a low seat feels FAST!

But I got home and was buzzing.

I had climbed my mountain.

Now, where's the next one? :)


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