It's not what I thought.

I thought it was about thinking things.

It's actually about noticing things.

At first you start off noticing only your breath. It helps you get the idea of staying with something. But once you get the hang of that you can start noticing anything: your thoughts, your body sensations, sounds, smells etc. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's happening now. The main thing you're trying to avoid is ruminating - thinking about the past or the future. When you think about it (sorry), all thinking is to do with past or future. In the present you don't think at all. You just be. That's meditating.

So that was a rather long way round to get to the point I wanted to make: that motorcycling is the perfect meditation.


Because if you lose touch with the present and start ruminating, your dead.

Pretty good incentive I reckon.

And I think that's why I'm enjoying it so much. There's great freedom in the present. All the problems are in the past or future. The present is just full of possibilities.

"Get your motor runnin'…"

PS … my wife just suggested this post was simply an excuse to put up more pictures of my bike. Sometimes I wonder if I know her at all.


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