Poida's baby

I was watching "The Beast" the other day, Eric Bana's film about his Falcon Coupe, the car he bought when he was fifteen years old, rebuilt several times - including a final OTT re-build that would have bankrupted a small country - only to wrap the thing around a tree in the Tasmanian Targa. 

After the smash he does an interview with Dr Phil who says "re-build it, that car is part of you now."

He then does an interview with Jeremy Clarkson who says "re-build it, that car is part of you now."

But you know what? I got the feeling their heart wasn't in it, that they were just saying what they thought Eric wanted to hear.

Meanwhile, there's me shouting at the TV:  "NO!  Mothball the thing!  Move on!  Yes, it's been an important part of your life, but you're all grown up now. MOVE ON!"

He rebuilt it.

At the cost of yet another $200,000.

Frightening, huh?

Men's obsession with their toys. Don't understand it myself.

BTW, did I show you the pictures of my new bike?


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