Some things are just exciting

This is my new bike arriving on the back of a truck this week.

Suzuki Boulevard C50T

I said to the delivery driver (himself a bike nut) that it's not often you buy something that seems even more beautiful when you actually take delivery of it. My experience is usually the opposite. I usually end up thinking "wow, I obviously had my rose-coloured glasses on that day!".

But this was different. I knew it was a nice bike but, man, LOOK AT THAT THING!

While it was on my driveway a woman pulled up, wound her window down and said "I think that's the prettiest bike I've ever seen."

I think I agree with you ma'am.

And it's going to get even prettier when I take that dinky pillion seat off the rear fender.

It lives in my garage because my wife baulked at having it in the bedroom.

No sense of humour 


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