There's only one way to deal with a narcissist

Keep away.

The temptation is to try and "fix" them. You can't. Only they can. It's a terrible affliction which robs them of their life while simultaneously assuring them they're fine. The perfect disease you might say.

But inside every narcissist's head there's also a tiny little voice, barely audible most of the time, but occasionally crystal clear. And that little voice says to them, quite unmistakably:

What if it's me?

And right there, in that moment, the narcissist has his choice. He can explore this possibility further, painful as it is, or he can shut the voice down and carry on. Most will choose the latter. Most will go to their grave with it - broken, but believing they're whole.

It's a terrible affliction but don't for one minute think you can help them. Only they can. If you try to help you will be sucked into their vortex and destroyed along with them.

Keep away.


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