Who would post a picture of a motorcycle fuel tank?

Me. Because I'm very pleased with myself.

I got the incredibly stubborn manufacturer's stickers off it WITHOUT SCRATCHING THE PAINT.

Is that really such a big deal?

For me, yes! Normally I get impatient and rip and tear and bugger up everything.

But I was patient and resourceful and achieved a perfect result.

I checked all the Youtube videos on how to do it, I emailed mates, and finally I settled on this:

1. Park bike in sun to get the stickers hot (softens the adhesive a bit)

2. Soak the stickers with repeated applications of WD40 over about twenty minutes (place cloths around the stickers to prevent run off into various parts of your bike*)

3. Gently scrape away at stickers with an old credit card

4. Soak a piece of soft cloth in WD40 and rub off the remaining glue

Voila! Perfect outcome.

Pretty happy with that actually.

Combine knowledge with patience and you actually get good outcomes. This is new territory for me but I'm thinking I might like this approach ;)

Of course my wife just rolls her eyes and says "welcome to grown up's world, GP."

That's OK, some of us just take a little longer :)

*  really important unless you want your bike to smell of WD40 forever

Suzuki Boulevard C50T


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