You gotta find that place where nothing else matters

It used to be golf for me. 

It was so engrossing it didn't matter if I was sick, had work problems, was stinking hot, freezing cold or soaked to the skin. Nothing but the next shot mattered for those four or five hours. It was indeed "the beautiful game" to me.

After thirty years I gave it away (long story) and found the thing I missed most about it was that sense of total absorption. Nothing else I did seemed to provide it.

Until now.

Motorcycling is giving me exactly the same thing.

Because I'm trying to do it artfully.

Every gear change, every corner, every start and stop.

And because I'm trying to anticipate everything to avoid the need for emergency reactions.

Achieving all that takes total concentration. It's just me, the bike and the road.

A true meditation.


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