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I was telling my friend that my desire to get my licence for this gorgeous thing is bordering on obsession

"Why?" she said.

"Why what?"

"Why so desperate?"

"Because then I can ride away. Alone. No-one to watch me."

"Why's that so important?"

"Because I don't want to be scrutinised. I want to be free"

"Hmm," she said after a pause. "You know, no matter how fancy the bike and how far you ride, you can't ride away from what's inside."


Don't do it

A young woman in for months (years?) of disability and pain, hundreds of hours of police and emergency time, thousands of dollars in repair bills. 
And why?

Because she couldn't discipline herself.

Don't do it.


Tell your friends.

See, say, do.

Don is showing us how bogged down our professional politicians have become. Exercised in the dark art of saying nothing, they fill up space but effect little. Don is the opposite. See, say, do. I don't always like the saying and doing, but I admire the courage of conviction that it evidences.

PS…dang that motorbike wheel is beautiful!!

I don't care

My friend thinks it's hilarious that I ride in endless circles out the front of my house with all my riding gear on.
I don't care.

The bloke over the road thinks it's hilarious that I keep photographing my bike.

And polishing it.

I don't care.

My wife just thinks I'm hilarious.

I don't care.

Find what you love and you won't care either.

Hugh always nails it

"Remember: being close to the action isn't being the action."
Hugh McLeod, Gaping Void

This captures it I reckon

"Every time I let the clutch out and roll past my mailbox and into the street, I feel like I'm embarking on an adventure. It's never routine."
Dude on forum.

Don says

"Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. "
The only thing I would disagree with is "sometimes". I find that if you reflect honestly on your loss you always find the key to victory. The hard part is being honest.

"I think, therefore I am"

Poor old Rene Descartes - it took him a lifetime to come to that conclusion. 
All he had to do was ask :)


Bernd over the road is a good guy. 
He's eighty years old and still rides around on his 1200cc BMW like he's twenty.

He also very kindly comes out and trails me around on my L's.

But there's a price to pay:

Brutal honesty.

You see, Bernd calls a spade a shovel:

"You're too timid. Relax. Bend the bike. Let it lead you. Go a bit faster. That was better but you're still too cautious. Don't let the handlebars wobble like that when you do an emergency stop. Don't keep checking that you're in first gear - you don't look confident. SMILE!"

He's just what I need.

No comment necessary

"We've filled the seats in our business with ideas people, creatives, multi-talents who are willing to take risks and lose big just in case it works out."
Hugh McLeod, Gaping Void

"Managers worship at the altar of conformance [but] unfettered controlism cripples organisational vitality."
Gary Hamel, Harvard Business Review

I'm with Don on this one (2)

Don gives a joint press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu and is asked what solution he favours for the Israeli / Palestinian situation. 
His reply:

"I favour whatever solution the two parties come up with."

Yes! At last someone's said it.

SORT IT OUT ISRAEL. Stop relying on the US to solve your problem. Negotiate like the rest of us have to.

Netanyahu's response was to look a little bewildered. You mean you want us to figure this out OURSELVES?

Ah, yes. I think that's pretty much what grownups do.

"It's good - unless it affects me"

Been reflecting on yesterday's events and that's what I've concluded. We generally like the rigour applied in this country to make our citizens safe - until it inconveniences us! Can't have our cake and eat it too.

Went for my licence today

And came up short.

By a point.


No, not at all.

Does it make any difference?

No, not at all.

When the phone dies

When the phone dies
so does life as we
know it and 
perhaps that's the
problem - life 
as we know it -
and we really
just need to
get out more.

Just coz


I had to remind myself of my previous post

I go for my bike licence on Wednesday and the thought of failing spooks me.
That would mean more L's, more lessons... more RESTRICTION. I just want to get out and GO!

But if I have to fail in order to succeed, so be it. Bring it on.

(I wonder if he'll be open to bribes?)

A willingness to fail is essential to all progress

In other words, you can't get it right until you don't care if you get it wrong.
Or as I used to say on the golf course, you can't hit it straight until you don't care if you hit it crooked.

It applies to everything as far as I can see.

Perfectionism is the great killer of creativity. Creativity is messy. The final polished product belies all the scribbled mistakes that went before it. No shortcuts here. If we can't accept that, we'll create nothing.

Nothing worthwhile anyway.

There's what's real

and then there's everything else we concoct in these extraordinary things we call "minds". A tangled, mysterious, dark world of shadows and monsters. Scary. 
But not real.

"If you think you can

or you think you can't you're probably right."
Good that, isn't it?

I've been reminded of it again today.

And I've also been reminded that you should enjoy what you're doing.

So what if you make a mistake?

Enjoy yourself.

You're actually less likely to make mistakes then anyway :)

The strength to be vulnerable

To put yourself out there, to risk rejection -"failure".
This guy had it in spades. What if no one wanted to go fishing with him?

Goodonya mate. You made my day.

Great story

I found this story coz I was googling my bike (Suzuki C50).

Ah, the indomitable human spirit! Love it.

I think we all know the feeling: you're SO keen to do something, you put your hands over your ears to block out all the "danger, Will Robinson's" and go for it.

Never mind. As my former boss used to say: "It's all good, clean fun" :)

And you know what? I think we're most alive in those moments.

Disclaimer: there's risk and there's RISK. If deep down in your gut you know it's a dumb idea, DON'T DO IT. This guy always had a bail out: he could just get off the bike. 

First World problems

Examples abound but I thought this one was pretty good.
On a side note, notice the person in the story called Anthony Crummy? Poor bugger. Should change his name. I don't know, "Jack" Crummy or something.

My bike is shrinking

When I first sat on my 250cc it felt huge. 
Big, heavy and cumbersome. 
That was because I'd never ridden a bike before. 
But as I get more and more comfortable with it, it's starting to feel really small.

So what? 
I think it's a metaphor for life: ie everything's a problem until it isn't. 
Hang in. 
Things shrink over time.

Have you noticed?

That people seem to be either energisers or ener-takers?
They either lift you up or bring you down.

There doesn't seem to be much middle ground.

Obviously we should be aiming to be those who inspire others, not drain the life-force out of them.

But how?

I don't think it's very complicated:

1. Be interested

2. Be positive

3. Laugh

My 2c anyway.