"I wish I only worked 15 hours"

That's what a work colleague said when I told him my hours had been cut.

"Work is a privilege" I said. "There are plenty of people lying in hospital beds who would love to be able to work."

"What's more, it's the best way to stave off dementia and a bunch of other things."

"If you don't like your job, sure, get another one, but don't stop work."

"Retirement's a mug's game. The whole concept is daft - that you stop work and sit on your arse just because you reach a certain age. Why? If you can still contribute and be productive and earn money, why not keep doing it? You're engaging with people, using your brain, helping others with your experience and knowledge."

"Playing golf and going fishing? Meh. Fast track to brain mush."

Last time that guy talks to me I'm sure!


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