The Black Quacker taught me something else today

It likes to be RIDDEN!

I'm realising motorcycling is a very "active" pastime, not a passive one like driving a car can be. It demands your whole mind and body to do it well.

And that's in part because bikes are relatively crude things compared to cars. There's really not that much to them. It's you sitting on a frame with a lawn mower under you working it's box off. Well, not really, but that's kinda how it feels - on this little fella anyway.

There's no comfy seat, no climate control, no nuthin'. It's you, a piece of metal and the road. And that's what I love about it. It's about as "real" as it gets. In a world of cubicles and computer screens that's a welcome release.

Speaking of cubicles and computer screens….no I won't start on that.

Another post perhaps.

Suffice to say it's killing us.



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