Me too

"Just you. The empty mountain road. The engine your soundtrack. Each corner a new sensation. Time? No meaning. You forget you are on a bike and just see the road in front of you. Feeling those corner forces. Fluid. Without history or future. In the moment."

Amin Pelkmann explaining why he rides alone, never in groups.

I haven't been doing this long but am completely hooked and Amin has articulated beautifully for me the reason why.

I literally kit up and go out at every opportunity. And getting off the bike at the end is only because I have another commitment. It's a beautiful thing. What a privilege to be able to do it. Thankyou Harley Lady wherever you are. I wouldn't have found this if I hadn't run into you that day. And unless I run into you again some day, you'll never know.

PS ... I would add to Amin's list: "enjoying the dance". Because that's what it feels like to me. You're in a dance with your bike, both hands and feet involved all the time, moving quickly and smoothly to produce an elegant waltz. The human body is indeed a remarkable thing.


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