"No-one will steal your bike, it's a Suzuki."

That's what a mate said when I was trying to decide what anti-theft measures I should take for The White Knight.

I thought he was joking.

But then I did some research and realised he wasn't.

They're well built, extremely reliable and relatively cheap.

But not popular. Not really.

Honda's and Yamaha's, yes. Kawasaki's too.

Suzuki's not so much.


I don't know. Perhaps someone who does can tell me.

Anyway, that's obviously why this one sat unsold on the dealership floor for the best part of two years before I came along and took it off their hands.

Would I do the same deal again?


I love this bike.

It's got no frills, no fancy electronics, no fancy nuthin'. But it's honest.

And it's beautiful.

No one will steal it?

More fool them.


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