Uh oh Chungo

There's only one thing better than going for a long ride on your motorcycle and that's GOING FOR A LONGER RIDE!

Man, I got it bad. But what a beautiful disease.

I think this by Tim Watson on RideApart pretty much captures it:

"Before you had a motorcycle, you always tried to find the quickest and most direct way to get around. In a car or truck, it was efficient and practical to do so. Now that you have a bike, you’ll be willing to go 100 miles out of your way to visit a store or restaurant that has the same stuff as the one in your neighborhood. You’ll find yourself with entire States between you and home, amongst strangers and in strange places that you never knew existed, just because. You’ll tell your family you’re just going out for a quick ride, then return hours, sometimes days later, not entirely sure where you have been. And it won’t matter, because you were riding."


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