To quote Molly...

Do yourselves a favour and read Mark Twain's autobiography. He asked that it not be published for 100 years after his death and that came in 2010. If you love superb written English you will, like me, prop your eyes open with matchsticks in order to keep reading luscious sentences such as this one about a generous man Twain loved and pitied in equal measure:

"James Lampton floated all his days in a tinted mist of magnificent dreams and died at last without seeing one of them realised."

Or this one about his uneducated but wise mother:

"My mother never used big words but had a natural gift for making effective use of small ones."

There's Shakespeare. Then there's Samuel L Clemens (Mark Twain) in a photo finish with Charles Dickens for second.

The rest can fight it out amongst themselves.


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