Where you look determines where you go

I walked along a glass-floored walkway suspended way out in space in the Canadian Rockies today. Looking through the floor to the valley below made it difficult to put one foot in front of the other. But the minute I refocused my eyes on the glass itself, it was a doddle. Focus through the glass again and I walked like I had leaden legs. It was fascinating. My brain simply couldn't cope with the idea of walking in space. Nothing changed in my stance or the angle of my stare - just what my eyes focused on. What I took away from this was that we can't fight how we're made. We gotta learn to work with it. But I also learned that a simple shift in perspective can mean the difference between inertia and flying. I think it was Siimon (yes, two "i"s) Reynolds who said you're only ever eight seconds away from happiness. He's right. Small shifts can have HUGE effects when it comes to these things called human beings. Good, i'nt it?


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